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Twelfth Grade

Twelfth grade is the ultimate educational experience. In their last year of high school, most students are finishing up courses required for graduations or taking electives to prepare them for college or trade schools. Despite most course work being completed, students are still required to focus on British or American literature and history including Shakespeare. The archaic language is confusing, the themes and the allusions are strange, and the characters are unreadable. The protagonists in upper school language and Humanities classes do not represent the ethnicities or issues facing the modern teenager. This makes English class a dreaded place to go when all you want to do is graduate. This year should be about perfecting formal writing while analyzing the complex characters that resemble the student and present through exciting stories. This is the year most students graduate from YA novels to adult literature. The books below reflect a more mature content including relationships, consequences for actions, and ideologies.  

Language Arts & Humanities Literature

Burn Baby Burn.jpg
Henrietta Lacks.jpg

Free Read Literature

Hurricane Summer.jpg
With the Fire On High.jpg
I'm Not Dying Without You Tonight.jpg
The Dangerous Art.jpg
Exit, Pursued By A Bear.jpg
The Vanishing Half.jpeg
Odd One Out.jpeg
All Out.jpg
American Panda.jpg
If I Was Your Girl.jpg
Children Of Blood And Bone.jpeg
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